Steamwatch – 7 Grand Steps

I honestly don’t know what to make of 7 Grand Steps. It’s one of those pseudo-board games that requires enough math that it needs to be a video game.

I like these things, but I am not sufficiently au fait with the art to tell you whether it’s a deep game, or just has lots of procedure. Possibly the latter.

Can’t fault the scope of the theme though, mapping out generations of ancient peoples, marching across the Ages. It feels a little like Crusader Kings, in that the characters have names and stats and odd 3D-rendered faces, and children. But these guys have proper cradle-of-civilisation names, like “Khut”.


A steaming pile of games

I recent managed to quit a bad bundle addiction. It’s an old story, Steam list full of games I’ve never played, etc. Rather than uninstall Steam and pretend it never happened, I shall instead slog through them all.

Even if I only play a few minutes, if I at least try to play each one, that counts for something right? It makes everything okay? It’s not as though I have plenty of spare time to fund such mad schemes, but there you go.


I played plenty of this on Android over Christmas 2014 (I think it was), so I’m not going to linger. I loved it, and continue to love it, even if it is tiny on my 4k monitor. Pixels, dungeon crawling, slidey-puzzle combos. What’s not to like?

Next up?  2064: Read Only Memories